About Me

My Story

About Me

My Story

Hello friends

Welcome to my blog

I am glad that you searched for about me.

I am passionate about teaching. I always loved teaching and had six long years’ experience in this.

To continue my passion, I started my YouTube channel named “educator.avinash” in 2018.

I guide people in their Civil Services Examination preparation through this blog and YouTube channel.

I upload regular videos and posts on both platforms related to IAS preparation.

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I am also working on a book which will be published very soon.

My Personal Story

If you asked me for my dedication to the IAS examination, it started long back when I was just a kid.

Multiple things triggered a thought to be an IAS officer in my mind. These includes

  • My dad is a government employee that too on the good designation. Thus top most IAS officers like the Finance commissioner were the usual topic of discussion in our home
  • I belong from a middle-class family, and sociology also states that middle-class people have endless desires, and one prominent desire among them is power.
  • I was good in studies along with a positive mindset. Thus my parents thought that I could be a good candidate for the IAS examination

Among such circumstances, I started dreaming of being an IAS officer without being understanding what the IAS examination is.

But as life goes on, my mind shifted to a job that I can secure with ease. The main reason for the same was the lack of funding.

As my dad was the only bread earner and an honest employee, thus we were always short on funds.

Despite all this, my family had tried their level best to give me a high-quality education. I had schooling in one of the best schools in my city.

As I grew up, things changed for me; thus, I gradually switched to engineering (B.Tech).

I opted for Electronics and Communication stream and worked hard to secure a job while being on campus.

Because of this hard work, I also secured a scholarship along with a job.

Main idea in the back of my mind was to have a job and collect funds and after that go for preparing for the IAS examination.

I sought funding because no one was there to help me out with preparation. Thus I needed coaching.

Gradually I started progressing in my professional career and started collecting funds.

But life always has its plans which mostly do not match with ours.

While being on the job, I got married.

But in the back of my mind, I always have dreams of being an IAS officer.

So I shared this dream with my husband. Most importantly, I am blessed with such a caring and understanding husband.

No one had thought that I would be so fortunate to follow my dream after my marriage. Especially in a country like India where still patriarchal mindset exists heavily.

Everything was going well. I was well prepared, but life is unpredictable.

Fifteen days before the examination, I was diagnosed with a severe level of Tuberculosis.

The situation was that on examination day, I was having a temperature of 106. Thus was not at all able to even stand from bed.

That was the day when I understand the importance of luck along with hard work.

It took me more than one year to recover back. But after that, my family circumstance also changed.

But I never thought to give up my dream.

So what if I had not become an IAS officer. I will help others to realize their dream.

If, by my effort, even a single person will be able to clear the exam, I will feel like I had cleared the exam.

This was all I thought, but how it actually feel that I had experienced when highly positive comments got blown up on my YouTube channel, i.e., educator.avinash.

Sometimes people ask me what I am gaining by uploading videos. Because for uploading one video, I need a lot of research coupled with PowerPoint making, video making, and video editing. This is really a tedious task.

But all that I reply to them is a feeling of fulfillment, which cannot be explained in words.

That was all about me and my story.

Thanks for giving your time.

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