Free NCERT Lectures
for IAS Exam

For whom this course is?

If you are preparing for UPSC/IAS examination then this course is ideal for you.
This course helps you get through nitty-gritty associated with NCERT of Political Science relevant for IAS/UPSC preparation


Key attractions of this course are:

  1. Holistical coverage of topics
  2. To be covered in 10 days
  3. Relevance of many current events
  4. Out of book examples
  5. One to one doubt Clearance session with me

By whom this course will be delivered?


My name is Avinash Garg

I have a YouTube channel named educator.avinash where I upload videos related to IAS/UPSC preparation.

This course is also one among those series of efforts.

This course is specially designed for IAS/UPSC aspirants.

If you haven’t loved the way polity works, then you will be, after completing this course.

Every video will make things interesting and easily understandable for you.

Best part of this course is that you will be provided with practical examples along with conceptual explanations.

In this course you will be provided with 16 Free video lessons delivered in your inbox.

Hope You will enjoy this course!

Happy Reading!

Learning is a Lifelong Process..

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