Fundamental Rights

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Fundamental Rights are the most discussed topic in our society. Thus it becomes crucial to have an idea about what Fundamental Rights are.

Fundamental Rights are called so because they are considered to be fundamental for any citizen. It is believed that without Fundamental Rights, democracy is meaningless.

 The concept of Fundamental Rights was borrowed from the US constitution.

The most important feature that makes them important is their justifiable character. That means if someone violates these rights, then you can question the same in the court of the land.

 Another thing worth mentioning here is that if someone violates your Fundamental Right, you need not follow the judicial system’s hierarchy, i.e., go to the district court, then High Court and all, but you can directly approach to Supreme Court.

This feature gives a tooth to this whole concept of Fundamental rights.

But another important point is that these rights are also not obsolete. That means reasonable restrictions can be imposed against them by State.

Now let’s have an overview of Fundamental Rights.

Fundamental Rights are mentioned under Part III of our Constitution. And mainly categorized into six parts. That includes

  1. Right to Equality
  2. Right to Freedom
  3. Right against exploitation
  4. Right to Freedom of religion
  5. Cultural and Religious rights
  6. Constitutional Remedies

What these articles are and to what articles they pertain to, all these questions are excessively discussed in the videos listed below. SO do watch them, and if still, any doubt remain in your mind, you can mail us the same.

Fundamental Rights Part 2