for IAS/UPSC Examination

Geography is one of the parts of IAS Prelims and mains examination.

It is the part of the syllabus where not only Indian Geography is included, but you have to go through World geography also.

That means you have to read a lot and that to along with maps.

Geography as a subject includes many different subjects like:

Physical Geography

Human Geography

Environmental Geography


So you have to strategise your preparation adequately so that no stone remains unturned in this preparation.

When it comes to sources, then there is nothing better than NCERTS to start with.

We are hereby also providing notes which you can take as a reference in your preparation.

Notes for Geography

For the sake of convenience, we are giving notes under the sub-heading so that they can be better managed and organised.

Notes of NCERTS

You need to go through Class 6 to 12 NCERTS to get conceptual clarity. NCERTS, coupled with locations that are in the news, will be good enough to have a grip over geography preparation.

We are hereby providing class wise notes, which you can take as a reference while preparing for Geography for IAS/UPSC examination.

Class 6

Class 7

Class 8

Class 9

Class 10

Class 11(1)

Class 11(2)

Class 12(1)

Class 12(2)

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