Indian Economics

for IAS/UPSC Examination

Indian Economy is one of the vital pillars in preparation for the IAS/UPSC examination.

Indian Economy has been given adequate weightage in the IAS examination.

The reason for the same is the importance it has.

As we all know, the economy plays a very important part in everyone’s life, so is the case with the country as a whole.

So while strategizing your UPSC preparation, you have to give adequate importance to the Indian Economy.

Question asked in the examination are more on the conceptual side. So your concepts should have to be clear to answer them right.

And to have conceptual clarity, it is always recommended to first go through NCERTS and then move toward the standard book.

Notes for Indian Economy

We are providing you with section-wise notes so that they can be better organized.

You can download them and take them as a reference.

Notes of NCERT

Indian Economy Class 9

Indian Economy Class 10

Indian Economy Class 11

Indian Economy Class 12

Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Topic-wise discussion

5 Year Plans

Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization Reforms

United Nations and its main organs

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