What is Constitution?


The Constitution is the word that we encounter most prominently in any Polity—the reason being its importance.

The Constitution is the supreme Law of Land. It sets rules for governing and administering the country.

If we talk about our Constitution, i.e., the Indian Constitution, you must be aware that our Constitution has 25 parts and 12 schedules.

These parts and schedules are there to simplify and categorize different articles.

Why this many parts and schedules are required?

Because India’s Constitution is the lengthiest in the world.

Had you ever thought about why our Constitution is so lengthy?

Reasons are many, like:

Diversity:- As India is a diverse country where diversity exists in almost every field. People belonging to different cultures, languages, religions, strata, etc lives, thus safeguarding their rights are very important.
Constitution for both Nation and States:- We have the same Constitution for both the National and State levels.
Provisions for all organs:- Provisions pertaining to legislative, executive, and judiciary are mentioned in one single Constitution.
Borrowed:- Indian Constitution is borrowed from many other Constitutions. This also added to the bulkiness of our Constitution.
I hope this clarifies a bit of what the Indian Constitution is. If you want to have more insight on the same, then do follow our video given below.